Sunday, July 25, 2010

That's all folks

I guess I have nothing more to add to this blog. It's been a wonderful journey. Every time I think of writing something, it seems either pointless to write it, or it's already been mentioned somewhere out there. I don't have any motivation to continue writing about the kind of topics this blog was for. Mostly I just don't know what to write about.

Hopefully, this post will give me the closure I need. Better to leave a dead body in a grave!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ubuntu hangups

Ubuntu has been awesome to me. It's stable, never crashes and lightning fast.
But yesterday I found myself booting to windows.

  • Linux needs Photoshop. Or atleast GIMP needs to be far better. Right now, it's a ugly piece of software that runs too many windows and everything just gets in the way. Photoshop is by far one of the best softwares I've used(under any category).
  • Great iPod support. Rhythmbox is nonsense. Last time I opened Rhythmbox when my iPod was connected, I lost all my album art. Songbird is by far the best song player software I've used. BUT, it doesn't have album art support for the iPod. Sad!
  • Chrome. Firefox is good. But sometimes, for some quick browsing, Chrome is just fast and gets the job done. Opera tends to be buggy on Linux. I just don't like seeing my page size shoot up on Linux.
  • More "slicker"! Jaunty is amazing. But sometimes, the fonts don't feel as slick. I always have this weird feeling that everything in Ubuntu is oversized. But Jaunty is miles ahead of the previous distros. I like the dark gray themes.
Admittedly, software options on Linux aren't as much as that on Windows/Mac. But considering it's free as in speech and beer(libre and gratis), you can't beat it.
If only I had a fast processor and truck loads of RAM to use VirtualBox + Photoshop...

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