Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hair boss

I shampoo my hair everyday and whenever I tell people that, they stare at me with a look of disbelief and jovially say, "You're going to become bald!"

So, I went on a little treasure hunt to figure out what's going on

I'll outline what I've found. Shampooing CAN damage hair. Only damage hair, not directly cause hair loss. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the main surfactant in most shampoos is the main problem. STS causes skin irritation. This is proven. But only in high concentrations and not for everyone. Irritation can cause inflammation which in turn can be linked to hair loss. Tests and research are all highly inconclusive. Irritating!

If you find you're losing hair during shampooing. It's normal. Hair that is weak is ripped out due to the chemicals.

So, is shampoo good or not? I'll shoot now. It depends! For some people, even a little shampoo can screw their hair life. For others daily hair wash is fine (like me). It's very important to find shampoo that suits your hair. Its different for everyone. Anti dandruff shampoos are very strong. This is all common sense of course.

Another problem I must address is how to use shampoo. Turns out the correct way to shampoo is to apply a small quantity to your palms first and do a preliminary washing sequence. Then apply another small quantity, massage into the scalp thoroughly and wash very thoroughly (I'll try to reference this). STS cleans by destruction. Get it out fast. It cleans up pretty soon.

Another amusing piece for me: Oiling hair does not improve hair. So much for all that Indian female talk about oiling one's hair! Oil only conditions the scalp. Nothing else. Largely unconnected with hair growth.


Oh and a couple of little gems I found:

Yea, BBC is awesome!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Perspective Problem

Almost all of us have a perspective problem. We tend to think we are right and the other are wrong. So do the others.

This has become such a nuance that it's easily the biggest problem mankind faces (that's just a figure of speech, see? I really don't know anything for sure).

So if you don't understand why things become shorter when they move, your not seeing it the right way. And if you don't get why people like thrash metal, that's your view.

Most annoyances are from the perspective problem. If people don't understand you and you think people are uncaring and stuff. Then it's your perspective problem as well as theirs! Somebody has to come through. If you think rapists are bad, then it's your problem, because you think raping is evil. And if you criticize me for this statement it's because from your perspective you believe that I think rape is not a crime and in your POV I'm wrong. That was confusing.

The point is…well, there is no absolute point of view.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The working of sun signs

I never really believed in horoscopes. In fact long ago I made a post about this.

Recently, I found that a lot of things on horoscopes and this zodiac stuff are actually happening to me. So now I'm intrigued.

Here's my little theory of how horoscopes work (partially at least).

For the most part, children are influenced by their parents. This how we analyze a case. Now people are born at a particular time. We take 9 months before the person was born and from this we know when the parents 'did it'. Now why does this matter? Parents do it at different times of the year depending on their personalities which in turn affects the child!

So case the case of Leo. August. Nov-Dec. Winter. Parents are hardy. Hard working. Work through the cold and cracked lips. Ambitious. So is child.

Aries. April. July-Aug. Summer. They do it in the heat. So child is hot tempered. Energetic parents through all that heat. Leader like energy. So is child. So much enthusiasm in the heat! Yeap. So is kiddo.

So you can analyze every sign this way.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bleary eyed writing

I've had people asking me "What yaar? No scraps at all! Scrap me now and then".

Yea, you scrap bag.

I've seen people compare their number of orkut friends with others and say things like,"I have 150 orkut friends and 120 of them are girls ah haha!".

Yea, you douche bag nerd. Shag!

'Orkutting', which even sounds pathetic, has become some sort of nut-case phenomenon.

"You don't have an 'orkut' account? Oh God! Which world do you live in?"

Errr, the saner one?

I REALLY have heard these things. And every time I feel like shoving a a pineapple up their rears.

Now, I'm not at all against the concept of orkut. The thing that doesn't taste good is how people think it's the greatest innovation since the bulb and how their so called 'social life' revovles around it.

A:"sup" (borrowed from a friend's experience)
B:"Sure, where?"(From here, my foreperience)
A:"huh what man whatever"(I hope u'v noticed the disuse of punctuations)
B:"Come on yahoo/msn"
A:"dude too lazy just chat here"
B:"ok so how are you?" (Must these next few lines happen in every conversation?)
A:"fine u?"
B:"fine"(Observe the failing quality of B's punctuations)
A1:"slging eh? Smashin all de tsts?"(for the academic oriented)
A2:"frkin eh?" (for the everything else oriented)
B:"no yaar"(Answering a yes would worse than blasphemy in the eyes of those blarmed religious fanatics)

Now this is a pathetic way to end. Really pathetic.

I started drafting this some days ago now I don't know what to write. So there.

I actually am starting to wonder why I am ending it this way. I KNOW I can do better than that, but perhaps the utter stupidity of that conclusion struck me. Or maybe I didn't really want to conclude it that way but I typed it anyway, then I started typing this and so now I have a rather saner ending which has nothing to do with the topic.

Actually it does have something to do with the orkut problem. People just start doing something without really wanting to and find themselves doing it. So they orkut.


Ok now I got a decent ending which makes no complete sense but just utterly confuses you, the poor reader and me the poor writer who's listening to 'Mademoiselle Nobs' by Pink Floyd. Now this piece is interesting. It's got a dog which is howling and that's incorporated into the music, giving it a very…dogly quality. It's good.

Now I'll stop typing. I can go like this forever if I let myself do it!

EDIT: Orkut is still a great tool though. It just let me unearth a tonne of information that I couldn't possibly have got any other way.

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